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Welcome to Boat502! Your home port for news and information about boating in and around Louisville, KY. If you like to talk about boats and you like boating on the Ohio River, you’ve come to the right place.

At Boat502 we’re all about promoting safe and fun boating on the Ohio River and sharing helpful information with our fellow boaters. We’re also embarking on a mission to improve the perception of our beautiful local waterway with the goal of making Louisville a premier boating destination in the region.

While the Ohio River stretches nearly a thousand miles from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL, we’ll primarily focus on our local pool which extends from the McAlpine Lock (mile 604.5) in Louisville, KY to the Markland Lock (mile 531.5) in Warsaw, KY. This 73-mile stretch of the Ohio River offers great boating, beautiful scenery and some interesting spots to stop along the way.

Whether you’re an avid boater who has been exploring the Ohio River for years or a new boater just getting your keel wet, Boat502 is here to help you learn more and connect with your fellow boaters. Stay tuned for regular updates and take a moment to follow us on social media where we’ll be sharing valuable information and updates to help broaden your knowledge and enhance your boating experience on the river.

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